Candle Refill - That Hot Barista
Candle Refill - That Hot Barista
Candle Refill - That Hot Barista
Candle Refill - That Hot Barista
Candle Refill - That Hot Barista

Candle Refill - That Hot Barista

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Say hello to our new candle refills!

We have developed a simple way for you to reuse your terrazzo containers into new and amazing Luxury scented candles, in just a few minutes!

We spent the last few months trialling and testing different waxes, wicks, and fragrance oils to bring you the perfect combination that gives you the best quality sustainable candles!

Once your candle has burned out, all you have to do is clean your terrazzo jar of any candle residue, un-wrap your new refill it and simply put it in your gorgeous terrazzo container!

Now Lit it, sit back, relax, and let your new candle do the rest!

Have fun creating your new candles for a fraction of the price, helping both the planet and your wallet!

And you don’t have to settle just for one… You have 6 scents to choose from! – chose your favourite now!

That Hot Barista: Let us set the mood: a night out with your friends, the music is really loud and you can’t take your eyes off of that hot barista. Relatable, isn’t it? Now you can have that same sexy, cheeky feeling but…night in.
Our unique and delicate blend of creamy coffee, orange zest, amber and vanilla brings the heat inside when the nights are cold outside.
Delicious, indulgent, rebel with the right amount of tenderness, this fragrance also has fresh hints of white florals and soft light sandalwood accords.
An empowering scented candle sat in a reusable handmade Terrazzo jar, oozing style.


Wax weight: 240g
Burning Time: 60+ relaxing hours
Scents: Pure essential oils

Wax: Sunflower and olive wax blend 
Vegan Friendly.
Pure Cotton wick.