TERRA + SU - Our Story

We like to say Terrasú feels like home, because it really means home to us, quite literally. We are very proud of our roots and wanted our brand to breathe our Latin upbringing and represent our values.

TERRA: Portuguese for ‘Earth’, it represents Arlete’s roots in the Portuguese countryside, milking cows and harvesting potatoes. It means our journey of creation and evolution, whilst leaving a positive footprint on our planet.

SÚ: Short for Susana, Luis’ mother. She’s one of the most important people in our life, full of light, love and wisdom. She’s been an artist her whole life and has always supported us unconditionally, so this is our 'thank you'.

We are FAMILIA – Yes, you too!

We grew up on different sides of the same ocean and now live thousands of miles away from the countries we love and call home, but family is our life, our beginning and end, whether in Portugal, Colombia or the UK.

When we created Terrasú and presented it to our friends and family, it was a real surprise, but everyone was so happy for us! Most of our friends and family didn’t really knew much about terrazzo and were really excited about the whole concept of our new little business.
Occasionally, our friends come over and get in the studio with us - and we love it so much, it’s the real meaning of sharing is caring!

That is why we also love to create something unique and personal for each of our clients, to get to know you, your story, the meaning of our products to you. Just like that, our customers become family, sharing this beautiful journey with us.

On the 14th of November 2020 Terrasú was born.

We decided to start our range of products with candles. We always loved having them at home, so it made perfect sense to us. We had to learn how to do both the vessel, in terrazzo, and the candle, which was also a first time!

Call us crazy, but after a little research, we realized there wasn’t any brand on the market making candles in a terrazzo vessel, so we began with it, along some other items we thought were the perfect decoration match for them: table lamps and jewelry cases.

When we launched Terrasú, we had 4 collections of 14 products each: MARE (inspired in Polignano a Mare, in Italy, where we spent our 10th wedding anniversary, a magical trip), BUGA (Luis’ city back in Colombia, where we want to live someday), CAMDEN (heart of the London we love) and MAYA (inspired in Riviera Maya, where we spent our honeymoon).

To this day, we’re still learning and always trying something new!


When we started, we were so far from imagining what Terrasú would become and how important it would be for us. We always want to create more, to know what our customers expect from us: their happiness is our motivation, our pride and the reason we keep dreaming.

We’re still multitasking between Terrasú and our – still - full-time jobs, but our plan is to be Terrasú with heart and soul, every hour of our days. We’re in love with the creative process, we just can’t stop!

The joy that comes from having a brand that truly represents us and a product we believe in, it’s just so natural and beautiful, we want it to be our present and future.

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