Candles: Why choose to refill your candle when you can buy a new one?

Our luxury candles look good, smell great and are serious mood-setters in your home.

You bought one of our amazing candles, and you’ve enjoyed it to the last scent throw… Now what?

When we were in the process of designing our Candles we focused on circularity, and how our beautifully handmade terrazzo vessels could serve a purpose, even after your candle had burned out. For this reason, we designed a vessel that could have an after-life and be used as a functional pot for your brushes, pens, or even a small plant.

Our candles proved to be a huge success from the go, and we were surprised with the amount of people contacting us for a refill.
Refills? We hadn’t considered refills as a way of rekindling our terrazzo vessels, but it definitely made a lot of sense to us.

Whilst our minds were working on the perfect solution, we offered our customers the ability of shipping their vessel to us, get it refilled and shipped back to them. Our customers were happy, but we knew there had to be a simpler way, as we understood the additional instances of post were not contributing to our carbon footprint.

So, we asked ourselves: Surely there must be a simpler way we to refill our customers’ terrazzo vessels, ensuring not only simplicity for the client, but also maintaining the best candle quality we gotten them used to?

And the answer to these questions came quite naturally: Candle refills!

We spent the last 3 months researching, trialling and testing different waxes, wicks and fragrances to bring you the perfect combination that gives you the best quality sustainable candles.

And after quite a few mistakes and fails, we found the perfect blend, the most suitable wick, and the most amazing fragrances to give you exactly that: quality candle refills that enable you to have fun turning your terrazzo containers into new and amazing Luxury scented candles, in just a few minutes!

Now that I gave you a bit of the story behind the initiative, let me tell you why you should recreate and re-love your candles, by refilling and re-using your terrazzo vessel.

It’s a cheaper way to get a new candle – Using our candle refills means you can top up your beautiful terrazzo vessel and only pay for the wax, rather than pay for a whole new pot every time.

You can have fun creating your new candles for a fraction of the price, without the need to get stuck with a new vessel, if you don’t need one.

It’s eco-friendly – There are lots of things that make a good, scented candle expensive. Here at Terrasú we do our best to make our candle production kind and considerate from start to finish. That means plant-based wax, organic cotton wicks and recycled and recyclable packaging. Your gorgeous terrazzo vessels are handmade by us, from jesmonite terrazzo. Jesmonite terrazzo is an eco-friendly water-based type of resin, non-toxic and without VOCs, making it perfectly safe for both the environment and your home. Our candle refills allow you to contribute to reducing the number of candle vessels casted and reducing environmental waste by repurposing and rekindling your existing terrazzo vessel.

Incredible scents that last – Fragrances are something we hold close to our hearts. Our candles are scented with pure essential oils, blended to surprise you, and their superb scent throw will last for the whole life of the candle.

The best wax – After researching, trialling, and testing different waxes, we settled for an olive and sunflower blend for our candles.
This blend is:

  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Soy-free
  • 100% Natural
  • Palm-free
  • Bio-degradable

Using a natural wax refined in UK with ingredients from Europe, means that our primary ingredient is not shipped or flown from the other side of the world. We don’t want to be adding air miles if we don’t have to - all whilst giving you the best quality candles.

It’s the perfect fit – Our candle refills were exclusively created to sit perfectly into our terrazzo vessels. You’ll get the same amount of wax and burning time to delight your senses.

You can build your candle in just a few minutes – simply remove the wrap off your candle refill, pop it in your terrazzo vessel and you’re ready to enjoy!

We are extremely happy with how this idea came along. It means you can get the same quality candles and a more affordable price, and we can stand by our principles for the ingredients we source not compromising in any way on the quality of our candles. Woohoo!

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  • This is such a great initiative Arlete! I never saw it from this perspective and I find it incredible!! I’m surely refilling mine!
    All the best and congrats! xxx


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